The best Bernina sewing machine

What are the best Bernina sewing machines of 2017?


A desire to start sewing? One of the first dilemmas that one encounters for this purpose is the choice of the sewing machine . The most important thing is to determine what functions you will need. It is not useful to leave on a model too sophisticated if you are not sure that the sewing will please you. But also keep in mind that a cheap machine will not always be a good deal.

best sewing machine

To guide you in your choice, trust the next characteristics defining its quality.

Above all, you have to be according to your skills. Do you want a gear for beginners or professionals? No matter what your position, Bernina sewing machines meet the expectations of everyone.

Another question appears. The mechanical or electronic version? Electronic machines allow an often more intuitive sewing since the machine takes care of the settings for you. They are also a little quieter and often more accurate. Also check: Janome Magnolia 7318 Review

If you’re inventive, there are articles with enough options for you to cultivate your creativity. You will have the freedom to add details to the decoration of your interior while giving them an original appearance.

For more speed, the presence of feet is very important. They give you the ability to keep an eye on the movements of your hands while activating the machine. You may encounter items with one foot capable of walking forward and backward.

On the road to your final decision, we recommend you take a look at the following comparison where you can find models that will make you happy.

Recommended products:

Bernina 8100000168839

This first model has a semi-automatic needle threader. He directs the thread in the right direction without you having to repeat the operation. To activate this option, simply press the threader button and you’re done.

Thanks to the automatic winder, no more wasting time in setting up the bobbin. You will have the opportunity to finish your sewing more quickly.

Addressing any type of level, it is mechanical and is especially effective in occasional use.

Also, the foot lever allows you to adjust the level depending on the type of fabric to work, whether it is thin or thick.

The material includes a total of 21 sewing stitches, eight of which are used on stretch fabrics. It also has a 4-step buttonhole and a quilting point.

Bernina 215


This second model is perfect for people who like to both make and decorate. Equipped with many accessories, this machine is suitable to renovate the curtains or to add fantasies. It is especially aimed at beginners by its great ease of use. The tool also allows for more professional work thanks to its versatility.

Quite special, this model has a small screen used to see every detail of the manipulation. One can see, among others, the type of point used.

This material also promotes the comfort of use since it is equipped with a threading semi-automatic thread. In addition, stopping the needle provides more precision and ease in sewing.

Simple to guide, just press a button to choose from the proposed embroidery patterns.

Various accessories are included in the package including 3 cans, a pedal, a power cord and other component intended to accompany you during its use. She also has different types of feet.

Bernina 4260366210536


Easy to use, the latter model can be used by beginners. The keys are positioned to make them more accessible. Among all the actions that this machine can undertake, there are retouches and covers in addition to individual decorations. You can even use it for complex embroidery or size work.

Its different points give the possibility to vary the creations. In all, it has 150 decorative points, 20 quilt points and 2 alphabets. You can eventually expand your inventions by using satin and stretch dots in more than 100 embroidery designs.

Adjustable, the buttonhole will allow you to position the buttons of your shirt easily. Also, the threading system facilitates the realization of your sewing.

By using this machine, you can obtain a maximum embroidery area of ​​110 * 170mm.

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